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Stephan Fridolin

Winnenden 1430 -
Basel 1489

The first mention of the Franciscan Stephan Fridolin (1430-1498) was as a convent preacher in Bamberg in 1475. After a short stint in Mainz in 1477-78, he traveled to Rome for his order, but en-route he was abducted to Corsica by pirates. In 1480 Stephan Fridolin was back in Nuremberg, where he worked as a preacher for the Clarists until he died, interrupted only by a short stay in Basel from 1487-89.
Apart from one work on antique emperor coins, all his works dealt with religious instruction and the spiritual guidance of the nuns in the Nuremberg Clarist's convent. He became famous for his devotional book "Der Schatzbehalter oder Schrein der wahren Reichtümer des Heils und der ewigen Seeligkeit" (1491), which is particularly important because of the 96 woodcuts, which were contributed by Michael Wolgemut, teacher of Albrecht Dürer.
Alongside Hartmann Schedel's "Weltchronik", it forms one of the first books illustrated by an important artist.

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